Practice Areas

Cloud & Mobility

Transform your business and drive productivity in the modern world. Flexible. Agile. Scalable.

Caiman helps companies leverage Cloud Computing and Mobile Experiences to improve agility, productivity, competitiveness, and collaboration by supporting IT capabilities that drive scale and efficiency.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with superior execution and insights to accelerate your business velocity and outcomes.

  • Cloud Enablement
    Assess your Cloud capabilities, set goals, structure strategy and implement Cloud solutions to achieve your business goals at greater speed with more flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Cloud Go-To-Market
    Develop and execute a winning Cloud go-to-market strategy with integrated program tactics. Build and implement your Cloud roadmap to convert customers and achieve competitive advantage.
  • Mobile Application Management
    Accelerate mobile adoption for your business through the delivery of mobile experiences and corporate apps, applying mobility best practices and frameworks.

Analytics & Insight

Harness your data to drive competitive advantage and capture business value. Insights. Action. Value.

Caiman helps companies translate their data assets into insights and action that drive sustainable business value and future growth.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with superior execution and proven data analytics experience to accelerate your business outcomes.

  • Marketing & Customer Analytics
    Analyze your social, customer, and marketing information to unearth insights that drive growth in market share, revenue, and improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Business Operations Analytics
    Optimize the performance of your business with data management and analytics services that pinpoint opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Insights & Visualizations
    Optimize reporting, build balanced scorecards that align business activities to strategy, and design dashboards with right-time metrics to gain visibility and insight for informed decision-making.
  • Data Management
    Enhance the business value, trustworthiness, and operational utility of your information assets across the business with data quality and master data management best practices and techniques.

Customer & Partner Engagement

Stand out in a crowded market and thrive. Digital. Social. Mobile. Data-driven. Customer-centric.

Caiman helps companies acquire, engage, and connect with customers and partners to maximize growth opportunities, discover new ones, and secure loyalty. We also help to launch and market new products and services.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with superior execution, insights, best practices, and innovation to accelerate outcomes across your customer and product lifecycles. 

  • Marketing Operations & Capabilities
    Innovate and drive customer growth with best practices, strategy, and insight that enhances and optimizes your marketing engines and builds internal and external capabilities.
  • Mobile Marketing
    Implement proven mobile marketing best practices, data-driven customer insights, and winning strategies designed to acquire, engage and retain customers with compelling mobile experiences.
  • Digital Marketing
    Align and integrate your marketing strategy with your content and digital presence across Web, Email, SEO, and Search to drive online acquisition and engagement that increases customer conversion.
  • Social Marketing
    Leverage the leading social media sites to increase brand loyalty, create customer conversation, and improve positive sentiment to drive higher conversion rates and improve customer insights.
  • Product Marketing
    Design a winning go-to-market strategy and execute an integrated plan. Drive customer conversion by aligning the right content with the right channels to reach the right customers at the right moment.
  • Technology Ecosystem
    Build a robust technology ecosystem strategy and active developer community that enables the co-creation of business value and scale, and drives platform market adoption.
  • Sales & Partner Channel
    Improve effectiveness of sales and partner investments and drive for channel efficiency. Unlock value with sales strategy, operations, programs, enablement, and readiness that boost revenue and scale.

Rapid Transformation

Keep pace and surge ahead of the competition. Adaptive. Holistic. Integrated. Agile.

Caiman helps companies successfully navigate and manage rapid strategic transformation across IT, operations, sales, and product innovation with agile approaches to organizational and cultural change.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with superior execution, methodology, and insights to accelerate your business velocity in breakthrough ways.

  • Agile Project Management
    Increase quality and get products to market faster than ever before. Use agile techniques, best practices, and methodology tailored to your teams and designed to scale across your organization.
  • Change Management
    Tackle business transformation with best practices, tools, and techniques for effective communication, employee training, people alignment, shared investment models, and program implementation.
  • Lean Process Improvement
    Apply lean thinking to systematically optimize the flow of products, services, and processes across entire value streams. Respond to changing customer needs faster, with higher quality and lower cost.

Organization & Operations

Operate more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. ROI-oriented. Metrics-focused. Outcomes-driven.

Caiman helps companies develop their organizations and implement business operations best practices and processes that drive effective executive governance and strategy, a more productive workforce, and higher business velocity across back-office functions.

We blend strategy and operational capabilities with superior execution and deep experience to tackle business problems and accelerate your outcomes.

  • Organizational Design
    Apply organization design strategy and best practices to significantly accelerate your business performance by creating alignment of your organization and people to your strategy and business model.
  • Employee Communications
    Design and execute communication strategies that enhance employee understanding of the business strategy and strategic priorities while building leadership credibility through clarity and persuasion.
  • Coaching & Development
    Coach your current leaders to be more successful and grow your team's next set by developing authentic leaders with coaching leadership styles that integrate influence, performance, and purpose.
  • Procurement & Supplier Strategy
    Develop procurement and supply chain strategies that achieve growth objectives. Build programs, processes, and change management that drive flexibility, cost reduction, and risk management.
  • Executive Business Management
    Develop business management capabilities, processes, and techniques that enable effective executive leadership and decision-making. Focus on driving business impact and achieving value realization.
  • Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting
    Integrate your strategic, operational, and financial planning processes with budgeting and forecasting methodologies to provide insight to "what is possible" and better forecast ‘"what is expected".
  • Employee Onboarding
    Fast growth demands fast hiring of productive contributors. Enable new hires to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective team members quickly and smoothly.