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Caiman Celebrates Women’s History Month

A Rich History of Trailblazing Women Women’s History Month is now an internationally celebrated observance in March. Across the U.S., we pause to pay tribute to the underacknowledged role women have played in building our nation’s history. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter instated Women’s...

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Caiman gets social at Social Media Week 2016

I recently attended Social Media Week in New York City, along with fellow Caiman social media expert Kyle Buyers. We found the conference enlightening, entertaining, and filled with moments that were interesting both for our clients and for Caiman itself. Speakers came from a range of outlets -...

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How to overcome a "bad" college major

(Author’s Note: I wrote this blog post over a year ago when I was searching for my next opportunity. At that point I had switched from the gaming industry to e-commerce and thought that I had mastered the art of adaptability and overcoming adversity. Now that I’m a Caiman Consultant, this post...

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Find Your Cause: My Experience with Rainier Scholars

As Horace Mann, a pioneering American educator, said, "Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is a great equalizer of the conditions of men -- the balance wheel of the social machinery". I strongly believe this and am committed to supporting it in any way I can. The four focus...

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Caiman Honors Its People As We Reach 10 Years

In every organization, it is important to take time to recognize major milestones. Part of what makes Caiman a special place to work is how we recognize our milestones and the people we choose to share them with. Our mentality is a personal touch in everything we do, and an intentional effort to...

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