Caiman Featured in Harvard Business Review

Caiman Featured in Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review has been published by the Harvard Business School since 1922.

We at Caiman have long prided ourselves on our excellent company culture. Now that culture has been recognized in the Harvard Business Review!

The January-February 2012 issue of the HBR features an excellent article entitled "Creating Sustainable Performance" by Gretchen Spreitzer of the University of Michigan and Christine Porath of Georgetown University. The two professors describe in detail how creating an atmosphere where employees can thrive and grow contributes to a positive company culture, which in turn causes the organization to thrive and grow as well.

Caiman is called out in a section on incivility in the workplace. The authors interviewed Caiman founders Greg Long and Raazi Imam, and HR Director Meg Clara about how Caiman reviews a candidate's record of civility before making a hire. Caiman's 95% retention rate is attributed to our strong emphasis on creating a conscientious culture of mutual respect, and turning down candidates that don't fit that culture.

Everyone at Caiman is excited about the article. "The Harvard Business Review is the most prestigious business publication in the country, and we're very proud to be called out as an example of a company that provides a positive environment for our employees," said Raazi.

The article can beĀ read on the HBR website, either by purchasing it as a PDF or registering on the website (registering is free and allows you to read any three articles from the magazine).