Caiman CEO Featured in PSBJ!

Caiman is proud to announce that we are featured in the November 16th issue of Puget Sound Business Journal. The article features an in-depth interview with Caiman CEO Raazi Imam where he explains the principles behind Caiman's approach to consulting and some of the reasons for our success.

"We are all regular readers of Puget Sound Business Journal and we are honored that they would choose us to write about for their latest issue," said Imam. "We're happy to share our recipe for success with PSBJ's readership."

The article, written by reporter Valerie Bauman, is part of PSBJ's ongoing series on "How to Grow Your Business". Caiman has grown by 42% since 2010 so the PSBJ was interested in our growth strategy and how we are able to drive high client satisfaction and high employee morale while keeping costs low. Among the insights shared are Imam's three "Lessons Learned" from his tenure running Caiman:

  1. Keep it simple when it comes to setting expectations, planning and managing projects and people.
  2. Be nimble. Clients need to change; be able to change with them.
  3. Celebrate the wins. Caiman takes its employees on an annual trip to somewhere exotic to fuel team morale.

This is our first feature in Puget Sound Business Journal although we regularly appear in their annual Washington's Best Workplaces issue. Caiman has also previously been featured in Consulting Magazine and the Harvard Business Review.

The article can be viewed online at PSBJ's website (registration required) or on your local newsstand.