Our People

Mary Gilbert Principal

Mary Gilbert has over two decades of experience building and leading successful human-centric marketing operations. She has led large global teams through massive change, such as transforming the Microsoft digital marketing operation from nascent and siloed to customer-driven and cohesive on a global scale. She has launched important new technologies that are crucial to the way we connect today, for companies like 3Com, Intel, and HP. She's been a leader helping organizations in transition, like eBay, thrive, and has led the development of successful marketing teams for startups like Mindjet. Through all of this, the most important skills she's learned and consistently leverages are: how to combine design and systems thinking to determine the right omni-channel marketing solution for any brand challenge; the ability to recruit and activate great talent; and an ability to nurture cultures of success.

Mary's passion is cultural transformation, leveraging the connection between consumers and brands to drive the change our world desperately needs. Today’s buyers, the people that keep the money moving, are evolving. Their values are changing fast and they expect the companies they do business with to share the same values. The most important thing for business today is to find the resonance with these individuals and create relationships of shared value, values, and responsibility to our world.

She also teaches art to primary school children and does her best to raise informed, heart-centered, independent children - our only hope of real sustainability!